Blah Blah Blog

Thanks to a very generous Christmas gift from a very special fellow, I spent this weekend Blogshopping. I took some graphic design courses in college, and did layout design for the school newspaper, but my mainly self-taught skills were very limited and very rusty. 

This was the first online offering of Blogshop, and I was so pleased with how well thought out the program was, from sending us the practice files, to having a live chat function available the whole time, it was seamless. 

Going into the course, there were so many things I was hoping they would cover, and they hit on every last one of them. Bri and Angela's energy and creativity is contagious, and I am so thrilled to be starting off the new year with some new tricks up my sleeve.


If a blog falls in the woods...

I have nowhere to take that metaphor except to say that there has been a lot going on since this summer and fall, and not a whole lot of documentation. It is nearly winter again and we are decking the halls. I can hardly believe last year's tree has lost its needles, it seems so recent. But the season is welcome, and I hope some slower, calmer times come with it.


Paris, je t'aime


Two months from right now, my dad and I will be boarding a plane to Paris. I remember being so young and him saying "When you and I go to Paris..." and now we are finally crossing it off our bucket list. For five days we will be staying a block from the Tuileries and the Champs-Elysees, right across the Seine, walking distance from the Eiffel Tower. We will eat our weight in baguettes and cheese and pain au chocolat, then wash it down with cafe au lait. I am only beginning to put together my wish list of places to see and visit, but if all we did was sit at five different cafes in five different neighborhoods, I think I would be content.