Beach Beauty

We skipped spring this year in Washington. We never really had a true winter either. We went from fall, to slightly chillier fall, to summer, complete with window rattling thunder storms and bugs. Oh, the bugs. 
This Mid-March faux summer has me dreaming of a warm weather beauty routine. I enjoy wearing less makeup and not having to dry my hair every morning. And since I'm not one who can achieve a nice glow from a few hours at a patio brunch, I will be finding more ... artificial ways to look sun-kissed. 
To get me started this "summer," I would like to try out some of these products to help get me out the door with no foundation, no blow dryer and no sun damage.

// 1. Bobbi Brown's beach Body Oil will make your clavicle glow from the neck of your favorite boat neck dress. And you'll smell like the Coppertone Baby to boot. // 2. At 24 your tan is sexy, at 42 your age spots are not. This summer I'll be replacing my tinted moisturizer with a facial SPF like Clarins Sunscreen Care Cream. // 3.  Sunburned lips can really cramp your style, if you catch my drift. Protect your pucker with Shiseido Sun Protection Lip Treatment. // 4. Help the humidity help you, with Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray. Ocean water is the best summer hair product, but sprays like this are a close second for when you're landlocked. // 5. Even your cutest new shades can't hide the effects of too much fun and too little sleep. I'd like to try out L'Occitane's 'Regard Radieux' Eye Roll-On to help hide just how much fun I've been having. // 6. I may be vigilant about sun protection, but like I said, I still like to look like I leave the office sometimes. Nars Illuminator might be a more dewy look than my regular bronzer.

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