Kale chips, finally

Tonight, I finally made kale chips. My reason for not having made them yet is honestly that I love raw kale so much that I never wanted to risk wasting a bunch for a snack I may not like as much. For my chips, I translated my favorite kale pasta salad dressing into a sauce to coat my chips before baking them.

I loosely followed this recipe from A Farmer In The Dell, using a quarter of a cup of extra virgin olive oil, and a half of a cup Parmesan (... I know, it's OK.) to dress one bunch of kale. I also squeezed lemon juice onto the entire mixture. I cooked it in two batches in a 350 degree oven. The better batch was the one I took out after 8 minutes.

While I really love kale as a raw vegetable, I guess I thought baking it would magically turn it into potato chips. It didn't. Once my expectations were adjusted, these were alright.
Next time I would add some garlic, and maybe make them be potato chips.

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