Saturday Morning Pancakes

On Saturday morning we decided to take a break from the bagel shop and stay in for breakfast. Besides, the pancake recipes from Joy the Baker's new cookbook were so tempting.
These are a variation of her blueberry orange and almond pancakes with orange maple glaze. Ours had no orange maple glaze because we had no real maple syrup, and the fake kind doesn't blend as well with powdered sugar. Go figure. These were still delicious, sans orange zest (I really need to buy a zester) and glaze (ditto maple syrup).

My tiny kitchen gets nice light in the morning, and only in the morning. But these beautiful berries didn't need much staging. I am so glad it is spring and there is fresh fruit again.

We kept them warm in the oven as we baked. The recipe probably made about 12 pancakes and we used about 50 percent more blueberries than it called for.

They were delicious. The almond extract brought out a tangy flavor in the batter. I wish we had used the buttermilk the recipe called for (add that to the list with a zester and maple syrup) instead of non-fat milk, which is all we had. Still, they were a perfect weekend treat.

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