Down by the Basin

On Sunday, the weather was nicer than we expected, so we went for another long walk around the tidal basin. It is special to have places in the city where you can sit by the water, like here and the waterfront in Georgetown. Downtown Washington isn't classically urban, with few buildings even reaching a dozen stories, and it is kept - for the most part - beautifully clean, since so much of it is protected by park and historical groups. We often comment on how some streets downtown seem like a studio back lot, with no soot and no trash.

The Cherry Blossom visitors have almost all dispersed, and the summer vacationers are still a month or so away. For now, the warming city is ours. So we try to enjoy it as often as we can. We get a coffee and a snack and find somewhere lovely to sit. It is the perfect cure for the Sunday night blues.

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