Econ Major

I was looking at new shoes today, since it was a day that ended in 'y'... and within 10 minutes I had spent all of the hypothetical money in my brain bank, recently deposited by getting out of a parking ticket.
And this establishment has a strict no refund policy.
Once my money is mentally spent, it is gone forever. Get out of a $50 parking ticket? Deposit $50 into the brain bank, with interest.
I would say that 90 percent of my larger purchases begin with an incomparably small rationalization like: "Well my salad was free at lunch today,* so I can buy these jeans."
Or... "The toothpaste was buy one get one free, so that's like taking $4 off this $25 face cream."
* Never mind the $100 in salads it took to earn that.
** I stand by this one.

Here are a few of my favorite pairs from my mental shopping spree...
The two closed toe neutral pairs would be the perfect compliment to your new neon summer accessories, or perfect to help keep your toes warm in your office that is kept at a balmy 50 degrees in the summer time.  (1 // 2)
The two bottom pairs would be so cute with the white skinny jeans you have on mental lay away, or peeking out from the bottom of your new maxi skirt...which you paid for partially with a $10 online credit, which means the balance of the price came out of the brain bank. Are you beginning to see how this rationale works? (3 // 4)

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