I only have eyes for chaippuccinos

We had a busy Sunday.
We walked through the National Zoo ... mainly just to have an excuse to go to Open City and get frozen chaippuccinos. Unfamiliar? It's a frozen blended cappuccino with chai latte powder mixed in. Its a blended, frozen, caffeinated taste sensation.
We were too tired to cook after walking around in the hot sun all afternoon, so we shared some treats from Taylor Gourmet. We especially like this place because all of their menu items are named after Philadelphia landmarks. My favorite is the Love Park salad.
Then we walked to the Hirschhorn museum, which has been featuring an outdoor exhibition called SONG 1 by Doug Aitken. It plays different vignettes on a loop, all to different versions and lyrics of the song "I only have eyes for you." It is a little bit cute and a little bit haunting. Cuter than the exhibit was that couple sitting in front of us. She gave him a neck rub the whole time. Now that's love.

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