At Home Away From Home

Last week we made a push to make our apartment feel more like our home. Having an unpacking, picture hanging, furniture building to-do list hanging over our heads was making it hard to relax in our new space.

When the clutter was cleared and the walls decorated, we felt more like this place was becoming ours. We are now in our space, surrounded by our things. Our creature comforts.

The time since graduating college (almost three years ago. oof.) has seemed a little transient. It has been hard to find a sense of home so far away from family -- when discussing coming to terms with getting older and having to be a grown-up forever, my mom likes to say that I am only now getting used to the idea that I have to go away to college. But in this little apartment tucked away in the north western corner of our city, with its park views and newest resident kitten, I am feeling more at home away from home.


The one where we leave Ikea with almost nothing.

When Bill and I moved into our new apartment about a month ago, we rushed every night for a week to get the place presentable enough to have people over for his birthday the following weekend. We got all of the big pieces set up, put the clothes away, went to Target to get all of the supplies you forget about until you are without them -- you know, like soap and toothpaste.

But then we stalled. We burnt out after that week so we left the walls bare, frames stacked against the walls. We have never walked into our walk-in closet, given the large bags of blankets and extra bedding we have yet to sort through.

After searching Craig's List and Etsy for the perfectly unique area rug and coffee table, we agreed we just needed something on the floor of our living room, at least for now. So we went to Ikea.

I used to think there would come a time in my life when I wouldn't have nearly, if not all, Ikea furniture. I'm not so sure about that anymore.

Anyway...we went to Ikea.

We spent nearly two hours carefully selecting items from the world's living room that we might want in ours. On our way to picking up our new coffee table and carpet in the warehouse, we picked up shelves, silverware, coasters, baskets, soap dishes, a wine rack, baking dishes, a corkscrew and the rest of a cart full of other items I can't remember.

I can't remember because we didn't buy any of them. About three minutes before the store closed we were still trying to select a carpet they had in stock, when we realized we had lost sight of our cart. We went back a few rooms, forward a few rooms, asked a few employees. The only explanation we were offered was that since it was closing time, an employee had probably taken it to put everything back.

We grabbed a carpet and the coffee table from the warehouse, the two things we had actually come for, and walked to the register, looking at the contents of every cart we passed along the way.

It was a little bit funnier today. It will be funnier when I am thinking about it while putting my laundry in my new hamper after eating dinner with an adult sized fork.


Vacation All I Ever Wanted

We just got back from a week at the beach with Bill's family. They have already branched into the next generation with his adorable niece and nephew, so there were plenty of sand castles and ice cream treats for everyone.

It was fun to spend a week with his nearest and dearest and we all were sad to see it come to an end.