At Home Away From Home

Last week we made a push to make our apartment feel more like our home. Having an unpacking, picture hanging, furniture building to-do list hanging over our heads was making it hard to relax in our new space.

When the clutter was cleared and the walls decorated, we felt more like this place was becoming ours. We are now in our space, surrounded by our things. Our creature comforts.

The time since graduating college (almost three years ago. oof.) has seemed a little transient. It has been hard to find a sense of home so far away from family -- when discussing coming to terms with getting older and having to be a grown-up forever, my mom likes to say that I am only now getting used to the idea that I have to go away to college. But in this little apartment tucked away in the north western corner of our city, with its park views and newest resident kitten, I am feeling more at home away from home.


  1. it looks so great! i love the kitchen :) where is the new place?

    1. Thanks!! The new place is in Adam's Morgan. Such a fun 'hood to explore!