This is Rosie, the cutest, most loving kitten in the world.

Rosie came to live with us in early August and since then has provided us with endless laughs, cuddles and terror strokes.

Just now, for example, I told her how cute she looked lying on the couch next to me, doing that cute thing where kitten's hug their heads with their paaws. See how "paws" is misspelled in that sentence? Well, that happened because she attacked my hand for saying how cute she looked and now I'm bleeding.

She shows her love with her sharp parts. Teeth, claws and wit. Don't test her with your fancy hair-do or your drawstring pants either. Nothing is funnier to her than climbing up your pant leg (leg skin, actually) or clinging to your back as she tries to protect you from that pesky pony tail. She is just looking out for you, really. You really shouldn't tie your pants so tight, and she prefers your hair down. It looks so pretty that way.

But when she decides to snuggle up to you and engage in her other favorite pass time, sucking on her paw, there is no creature cuter than she. How can you stay mad at someone who thinks she is going to get milk from her own arm? Simple little thing.

All jokes aside, we love our little Rosie, and can't remember what we did after work before she came into our lives. And even though she constantly has an ear perked for a lock in the apartment door so she can "run for it, Marty" down the hallway, we think she likes us too.

The force is strong with this one. We learned that when it took three adults at the vet's office to hold her down for a vaccine. That's our girl!

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