Foxing around

We have been enjoying perfect open-window sleeping weather in Washington. For the past few weeks we have listened to the crickets and cicadas, instead of the hum of our absurdly loud window unit. Since our apartment backs up to a park, we have the urban luxury of natural white noise, even though one of us (the one that's not me) still likes the fan on.

One night a little while ago, a new noise worked its way into my dreams. In my dream it took the form of a crow - a big angry crow. But the noise became uglier and more guttural, coming closer as my sleep got lighter. I opened my eyes and went to the window, looking for whatever injured animal or angry witch was making this noise.

What I saw was a fox trotting up the path next to our building. It was such a big noise for such a little fox just foxing around. She has been back a few more times, on these cool open window-nights, foxing around the big city. She reminded me of these little critters I have spotted all over sweaters, makeup bags and especially scarves. Maybe one of these will have to come live with me in her honor.

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