Dear Old State, Dear Old State

This is a much delayed post about a much delayed reunion. A few weekends ago, my best college friends and I reunited in State College for the first time in three years. We are all completely different people with completely different circumstances than we were when we graduated, but being back where our friendships began turned out to be more rejuvenating than any of us expected.

It hasn't been an easy year to be a Penn State graduate, but it was cathartic going back to visit our own personal State College - with our own ghosts walking the campus and our own histories replaying in our minds.

I don't consider these girls my college friends. The majority of our relationship has happened since graduating, and I am grateful for that. We are better now than we were then. Our priorities have readjusted and aligned on paths so similar I can't imagine how they could ever diverge. Geography doesn't play a role. Neither does time. No matter where and when we reunite, it is as if no time has passed, and we have never been apart.

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