We'll Take a Cup of Kindness Yet

Happy New Year from me to you. I hope your happy holiday nostalgia hasn't gotten the best of you, and that you are looking forward to a bright, shiny and new 2013. 
My mental calendar hasn't flipped the page to January yet, we're still somewhere in mid-November. 

 But the cork popped and champagne fizzed and they brought us here whether we like it or not. 

And now that we're here we all want to lose five pounds and we all want to go to bed earlier. 
And some days I will eat more vegetables than Sour Patch Kids. 
And some weeks I'll jog daily and think I can keep it up forever. And maybe someday I will.

After falling asleep at 10 p.m. one night, I will realize how foolish my usual 1 a.m. bedtime is. 
That is until that night when I find a movie on TV just beginning at 10:30. 
I forgot I was also going to watch less TV... 

What I can resolve to do is forgive myself these trespasses, 
as I forgive those Sour Patch Kids that trespass against my waistline. 
I will try everyday to be gentle with myself and with others. 
I will try to treat others as I would like to be treated. 
I will make time to be silly and childlike, but not childish.
I will make time for creativity, and that includes this little blog. 
I hope to visit here much more often, and I hope you will too.
I adore the blogging year-in-review posts on some of my favorite sites, 
and I hope to write my own in December 2013.

Finally, I will prioritize the simple little things that just make life sweeter. 
Because every once in a while you have to ask the big questions and make the big leaps of faith, 
so in the meantime, you can do the dishes tomorrow and start another episode of Breaking Bad at midnight, 
because why not?
(And because how are Walter and Jesse going to launder all that money??)

I resolve to only make resolutions -- whether New Year's or New Monday's -- that I owe it to myself to keep.

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