Pace Yourself

They say timing is everything. My dad says time is what keeps everything from happening all at once. I am curious, however, whether they are referring to time found, or time made.

There are a few things for which I can always find the time. Those things are under eye concealer, coffee, and blow drying my hair, no matter how late I am running. This list is influenced by some of the things I do not find enough time for, like sleep, rigorous exercise, and drinking any more water than it takes to swallow a vitamin. Also the fact that I am chronically late. And let's be serious, I don't take vitamins, I meant Advil.

Making time, however, is something I am working on. Since my last post, where I said I would be posting more often (jinxed it), I have made time for reading a few novels (I wish I could unread Gone Girl so I could read it for the first time again), gingerly taking my camera off automatic mode, and making no fewer than five kinds of soup in my new crock pot.
This list is brought to you by: February, the only month more depressing than January.
Promotional consideration provided by: March, now with more lion and less lamb.
And viewers like you.

But despite a freak almost-blizzard in DC this week, spring is coming - or so I hear - and there are some things for which I would like to make more time (in addition to sleeping, exercising, and substituting at least one Diet Dr. Pepper a day with a glass of water).

I won't make any grand promises (see: New Year's post), but with the new season I hope to roll out some new habits. Stay tuned... (Or don't! I've left this blog hanging for two months! I really wouldn't blame you.)

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